Apprentice with Jeff Hein

What is the Hein Atelier of Traditional Art 'Apprenticeship Program'?

The engraving above isa depiction of the Renaissance master Tintoretto’s own studio. The originaldrawing was made by one of his helpers, Odoardo Fialetti, and was copied andused as an illustration for the first drawing manual* ever published in Italy(1608).This is a glimpse into the sort of school that all the Renaissancemasters attended. There are students and helpers of all ages—one of them isjust a child. An older student helps the beginners and corrects their drawingsof the plaster casts. A shop hand kneads clay or grinds colors. The old mastersits at his easel while a helper prepares another big canvas or finishes somearea the master has left to him. This is the way master painters were trainedfor centuries before modern schools and Universities took over the business oftraining aspiring young artists. The Hein Atelier of Traditional Arthas enthusiastically adopted this format of art education.

A complete immersion of the art student intothe life, work and practices of a working professional is the most effectivemeans of education. This is why the Hein Atelier is patterned after theseRenaissance studios. On a daily basis Hein Atelier apprentices are given theopportunity to witness, and in some cases be involved in Hein's art makingprocess. Working alongside Hein, the apprentices do numerous drawings andpaintings as they follow a strict curriculum designed to prepare them forprofessorial careers as fine artists. In this environment the mysteries of theworking artist are revealed and students are better prepared and trained toenter the art world confidently and independently.

Those enrolled in the Apprenticeship Programare each given a personal work space, storage space and easel. Apprenticeshave 24 hr. access to the studio so that they may have as much timeas possible to devote to their studies. Jeff Hein is present from 10-6Monday-Friday and is available for instruction and critiques during thesehours. For three hours, every weekday morning, apprentices have the opportunityto draw and paint from a live model while the remainder of their time isdevoted to the study of still-life drawing and painting. Perhaps the mostimportant benefit of the Apprenticeship Program is that each apprentice has therare opportunity to learn directly the professional processes of a nationallyrenowned artist through daily exposure to Jeff Hein’s creative processes andtechniques.

Art Apprenticeship ProgramTuition - $515.00/month

Apprenticeship Curriculum

The HeinAtelier curriculum is designed to create artists who are prepared to enter intoa professional career in making and selling art. Professional quality work doneunder the assistance of a teacher is not a sign of success for the student.This is why, at the Hein Atelier, apprentices are expected to show a solidunderstanding of each area of the curriculum before they may progress. Aftermuch instruction and practice each apprentices must complete, to a professionallevel, several works in each area of the curriculum without assistance. Thismeans that every apprentice will progress at a different rate depending onhis/her work ethic and aptitude for learning. These things are important becauseall too often students graduate from other art institutions with inadequateskills because they had been moved through these programs according to aninsufficient timeline and/or their portfolio reflects the skills of the teachermore than their own. Under this format, every apprentice that graduates fromthe Hein Atelier will do so with a professional level of knowledge and skill.

Apprentices will also have the opportunity to hear from otherprofessional artists, and art business professionals, to learn about varyingviews in the art world. This helps each student become well informed about theart world and its challenges, which will aid him/her in making intelligentartistic and business decisions when they enter into the field.

Apprentices will ultimately have the opportunity, should theychoose, to learn the craft of multi-figure narrative painting in the classicaltradition, without the aid of photography and computers. This understanding hasunfortunately become increasingly rare due to the increase of technological involvementin art creation and the extreme complexity of this traditional approach. Heinbelieves this is an art form worth preserving and is the approach he uses inhis own work.

The goal of the Hein Atelier is for each apprentice to graduatewith a professional level of drawing and painting skills, a consistent body ofwork and the business knowledge with which to begin a successful and fulfillingcareer.

To schedule an appointment tovisit the Hein Atelier, to acquire more information or to apply for theArt Apprenticeship Program, contactme here.

Take a workshop with Jeff Hein

Below is a list of upcomingworkshops that Jeff will be teaching around the world. Visit the supplied linksto find out more or to sign up.

To arrange for Jeff to teach a workshop in your area Contact me here. 

Workshop Description

There are many criteria that go into creating a successfulportrait. While capturing a good likeness of the sitter is very important,it’s not enough. A great portrait feels alive, evokes emotion, andcaptures the viewer through the beauty of its maker’s compositional andaesthetic choices.  In this portrait painting workshop Jeff Hein willdiscuss what he believes to be the key elements of creating a greatportrait. He will discuss creating a concept, formulating good compositionand designing of marks, strokes and color. Jeff will also break down theformal process of painting a head into its most basic parts; drawing,value and color. As Jeff Demonstrates daily, he will show his techniquesand discuss key principle associated with these three areas. As studentspaint from a live model each day, Jeff will critique and assist on anindividual basis in an effort to help each student complete the workshop abetter portrait painter.

Jeffand students will each do a single portrait over the duration of the workshop.Each morning Jeff will demonstrate. Students will paint in the afternoons. Thegoal will be for students to witness and learn the entire process Jeff uses tocomplete a portrait.

Upcoming Workshop Locations

To register for a workshop below email or call the address/number listed

• Workshop- Scottsdale Artists School, AZ Jan. 15-19, 2018

• Workshop- Houston, TX, March 5-9, 2018

• National Portrait Society of America Conference, April 19-22, 2018

• Workshop- Tuscaloosa, AL, May 21-25, 2018  ph: 808-385-0636

• Workshop- Pontotoc, MS, Sept 17-21, 2018 PH: 662-617-3100

• Workshop- Marietta, GA, November 5-9, 2018 Diana Salzman- PH: 678-521-7466 

• Workshop- Kerry Vosler Studio and Atelier, Tampa, FL, March 18-22, 2019 PH: 813-417-5867

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